everyday swag aka Gabriel Nezovic

Digital Content Creator

Sound Designer | Electronic Dance Music Production

Drum & Bass | Dubstep | Future Beats | Garage | 2-Step | Instrumental Hip-Hop| Video Game Music | Film Soundtracks

3D Animator | Procedural Shading Techniques

Worldwide | Online

Sound Engineer - working with Ableton Live for over 10 years and specializing in Sound Design and MIDI assignment.

Digital DJ - working with Traktor for 7+ years with a strong focus on controller mapping and hype music.

3D Animation - working with Blender for the past few years to create asethetically pleasing animations & specializing in procedural texturing and node based workflows.

Production Tutorials - sharing knowledge with like-minded creators is a life long endeavour - let's go!
Web Design - HTML | CSS | Javascript
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